Day to day life

Feeling of Drowning

I’ve been really low recently. As usual I cannot pin point the source. It just feels like I’m drowning and all I want to do is stop fighting it and let go. The nightmares are consuming my sleep, always about people around me or my past, always vivid, about my mistakes. I cannot rid them… Read More Feeling of Drowning

Day to day life


I seem to have a very short fuse the last few days. I am not great with confrontation and I internalize my emotions and let them eat away at me. One of the reasons I finally snapped in 2010. These days, even when I attempt to express my emotions I can’t put them into the… Read More Frustration


Aint it the truth! My health benefits cover a certain $ amount on massages for the year. It’s one of the only times I don’t physical contact from another human being. I can go for one on a Monday and to a different therapist on the Tuesday and they will both think I haven’t had… Read More