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Bullying is never ok!

This young boy has gone viral- his mum was forced to pick him up from school at lunchtime due to the extent of the bullying that he was being subject to. She videoed her conversation with him, for such a young boy he really does show true intelligence and sensitivity; asking questions like “Why do they need to bully” and making comments like “they bully me enough so why do they still need to bully other kids, arn’t I enough”.

I was bullied growing up, kids can be truly brutal, and I could not imagine how it is now with the use of social media and mobile phones providing new podiums for children to use to torture there subjects.

I didn’t know at the time but because I already have bi-polar, it just puts an increase pressure on an already self deprecating, negative feeling person. I was self harming by mid teens and was suicidal.

There is no need to bully- everyone is different in someway- if we were all identical life would be boring. There is nothing wrong with being different. On my drive into work this morning the radio hosts were discussing the below video, and an 11 year old girl called in and said that there is 4 roles in bullying that she was learning about at school: The bully, The victim, The bystander, and The Ally. She said that she hopes she could be counted as an allies as she has stood up to bullies and stood between them and their victim. Allies do not have to be friends of the victim- they can be anyone.

I think these two children give me a slight ray of hope that in such a negative environment- they can still care and want to question!

We can all do better in life, no matter who you are- we do not need to add more pain and hurt through bullying especially for those who perhaps find life a little harder in the first place.

Bullied boy takes stance against bullying in video

"What's the point of bullying?" This boy explained what it's like to be bullied in a video that has caught the attention of several celebrities.

Posted by CBC News on Monday, December 11, 2017

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