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Caring Crate Has Arrived!!

If you have been reading some of my previous blogs you will have read on the 9th August my review on different monthly subscription boxes. I decided to trial the “Caring Crate“, last night I got home from work and it had arrived!!!





It was a lovely surprise!

What it contained:

  • A Happiness Planner
  • Dark chocolate with sea salt
  • “Uplift” roller perfume essential oil
  • “Inner Echo Wish” Bracelet

My initial impression- lovely to come home to a nice surprise. I LOVE the roller perfume essential oil, and who doesn’t like chocolate! The 100 day happiness planner– I am a little on the fence with it. The premise behind it is that you fill out a few pages at the front of the book in list formats with information like; What makes you happy? What makes you frustrated? etc. then you are asked to rate each item out of 10 for how strongly the item makes you feel. If the question was negative then you are asked if it is something you can avoid or control and if not what you can do about it.


It then asks what you would like to achieve in the next 100 days, before creating a diary for the 100 days with weekly reviews on feelings.


Great idea! Why am I on the fence?! I hate people who try to tell me how to feel and react- it isn’t as easy as that when you have any type of mental disorder. The first page of the book does exactly that!


The box was a lovely surprise, would I suggest one to you- sure if you can afford to spend $52.94 it is a nice surprise and has some nice relaxing content and the value of the content is comparable with the cost. As it advertises it is clearly targeted for those who need a mental time out and some “me” time.

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