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I seem to have a very short fuse the last few days. I am not great with confrontation and I internalize my emotions and let them eat away at me. One of the reasons I finally snapped in 2010. These days, even when I attempt to express my emotions I can’t put them into the correct words.

I thought I would try and express my words on here and see if anyone has any advise….

This seems ridiculous I know but and normally I avoid things this stupid. I got a bang on the front door on Monday afternoon, when I answered it was my neighbor- he had his back almost entirely to my door and would not look me in the face. All he said was “you know how to sweep after you mow” and walked off. My room-mates girlfriend was in the kitchen at the time and said “what the hell was that!”. Normally I would jump on going and cleaning up the one paving slab out front that had some clippings on it, but her and my roommate said I shouldn’t because he hadn’t asked politely, and talked to me like dirt. Yesterday when I left for work he had swept the same grass clippings onto our steps.

Now I know this is a small thing, but let me explain a little about our neighbors. Since buying the house they have:

  • Felt entitled to park outside their house only, no matter how much that screws up the ability for anyone else to fit (it is all street parking)
  • The husband has never smiled in greeting, raised a hand, said hello, tipped his head- nothing! He wont even make eye contact with any of us. The wife seems nice but seems forced to take her lead from him.
  • They seem to bad mouth us to the other neighbors even though they know nothing about us.
  • This summer the kids played in our front yard, last summer before the fence went us they also played in our back yard.
  • The youngest of their three children has started chanting “die” over and over when I am working in the back yard. (rather creepy and makes me wonder what the hell they tell their kids!)
  • They have started letting themselves into our yard to get their balls (I have no issue with this), but they leave the back gate open- which cannot be seen from the side door we let the dog out of, who likes to go on “adventures”.
  • This summer they stained our shared porch deck without letting us know and asking if we wanted to split the cost of a large tin and do ours at the same time- they didn’t use tape or any straight edge to ensure it didn’t bleed onto our side (I work in construction so this one got to me), and the colour is considerably darker than the planks so it really shows up.
  • They have speakers against the dividing wall and like to play the base- it shakes my house
  • I cut our other neighbors (on the right) grass a few weeks ago, I was doing ours and I felt bad for him as, like my husband, he works shifts. Clearly the “nice” neighbors (on the left) did not want to be out done by this and decided to cut his (right neighbors) a couple of weeks ago as well- this time chopping random lines onto our side (normally Mr right cuts a line at the junction between our properties and works from there and I do the same)

All of these items are small things, (and just what I can think of at this exact second), however to get him banging on the door this week for something so meager and being so rude about it, I got really rattled. I have never complained about anything they have done to us, just let it pass- we all have. Someone did leave a note on one of their vehicles not long after our street moved in complaining about their parking- it was no one that lives at our house but they seem to have blamed us for it.

At what point should I say something? Do they think we are all just door mats who can be talked to like we do not belong in the same air space as them? In my mind no one should be treated as a lesser human being- everyone makes mistakes and everyone has talents- no one is superior to anyone else.

Help me reader! what should I do- I think I am going to blow a fuse after how he talked to me the other day!!

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