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Sorry I have not been on for some time. Back in November I was having tests done for some pain and they found a mass on my liver- since then I have had a crazy number of tests to ensure it wasn’t the “C” word, last week I finally got the all clear! As you can imagine my focus has been lacking and my mind elsewhere whilst this has been happening, so I have got behind on my blogging.


Have you ever read the information sheet that comes with your prescriptions? I mean, REALLY read it?! If you weren’t anxious before, then you would be after reading it. Between the reasons for being prescribed the medication in the first place, to the side effects- it often reads as a horror story unto its self!

One of the biggest side effects that people hate, and unfortunately the majority of people suffer from is the reduction in sexual desire.

Your brain is one huge erogenous zone, and can impact your ability to desire, preform or enjoy sex. When you are prescribed medication for depression/ bi polar/ anxiety or other mental health issues, you are taking something designed to effect your brains emotional inhibitors/ neurotransmitters by raising serotonin levels. Though these are designed to help your overall mood it can put a big dampener on your sex life.

If you have read some of my pages/ blogs you will know that in my manic states I can be very hyper sexulized, to the point of it being detrimental to me, as such you can see why it can be beneficial to bring down your libido when taking medications, however, dropping it to none existent levels can equally be detrimental to your mental health. One of the biggest offenders for inhibiting sexual activity is your typical SSR (Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor) medications- Prozac and Zoloft are just two examples. Tricyclic antidepressants, though mainly superseded by the more modern SSR medications are also an offenders, as are the anti-seizure drugs often used to treat bipolar disorder or benzodiazepines used for anxiety.

Do not be perturbed though- it is not all doom and gloom, there are many people out there that do not get these side effects, or the side effects can be balanced out through discussion with your doctor/ psychiatrist. Some of the newer medications boast that impact on your sex life is not one of their side effects- Wellbutrin for example (one of the most commonly prescribed medications on the market at present).

There are also other more natural ways to overcome the side effects from your medication- regular exercise and a good diet have been proven to have a huge impact. For the women out there reading this- try exercise right before sex (if you can live with possibly being sweaty from the gym when you get into it with your partner), the exercise raises endorphin in your body, aka your natural happy drug, that can temporarily overshadow medication related side effects.

So.. don’t be discouraged- it isn’t just you that this effects! There are counter measures you can take to continue enjoying your partner (or your alone time) to the max!


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