Pristiq- The update

So on October 11th I posted about Pristiq, I have now been on it for 6 weeks, in addition to my other medications. I thought I would give you an update on how it seems to be going for me.

I can confirm that it does not silent my brain at night- my nightmares are constant. Having said that I think it is one of the only negative results I have had- though that depends on your point of view. I am currently running in a moderate hyper state- cant really sit still much, my brain is jumping from one subject to another forgetting the previous subject fairly quickly. Makes a change from being in a depressive mood most of the time! I have also lost weight- something that cannot be said for many mental health medications out there, most do the opposite. A couple of people close to me (who are known to not mince their words) have commented that I am loosing weight- despite the fact I am currently not allowed to work out due to another medical situation.

Have to say, despite the poor sleep I think I prefer Pristiq to most the med’s I have tried.

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