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It’s been a while since I last posted and I was feeling guilty. I am on “pregnancy safe” medications at the moment whilst we try to get pregnant- unfortunately I have been on this combination before and it proved ineffective, but there is apparently no alternative to go onto the ones that do help me.… Read More Mania

Day to day life

Feeling of Drowning

I’ve been really low recently. As usual I cannot pin point the source. It just feels like I’m drowning and all I want to do is stop fighting it and let go. The nightmares are consuming my sleep, always about people around me or my past, always vivid, about my mistakes. I cannot rid them… Read More Feeling of Drowning

Day to day life


I seem to have a very short fuse the last few days. I am not great with confrontation and I internalize my emotions and let them eat away at me. One of the reasons I finally snapped in 2010. These days, even when I attempt to express my emotions I can’t put them into the… Read More Frustration


Aint it the truth! My health benefits cover a certain $ amount on massages for the year. It’s one of the only times I don’t physical contact from another human being. I can go for one on a Monday and to a different therapist on the Tuesday and they will both think I haven’t had… Read More