To Write Love On Her Arms (2014)


To Write Love On Her Arms

Director: Nathan Frankowski

Cast: Chad Michael Murray, Kat Denning, Rupert Friend, Juliana Harkavy, Corbin Bleu, Mark Saul

Rated: 14A

Rotten Tomato Listing: (not rated)

In A Nut Shell: Renee Yohe (Kat Denning) is on a spiralling path. Struggling with bi-polar in high school, she follows the dark path into the world of alcohol and drug abuse. Jumping ahead a few years she reconnects with her previous best friends in desperation to get the help she needs to sober up. With the help of her best friends boss (Rupert Friend), a previous addict himself, we watch her go through withdraw to prepare her for rehab. Along the way she meets Jamie (Chad Michael Murray) an aspiring writer who wants to tell her story.

What I Thought: I LOVED THIS MOVIE!! I had no idea when I started watching it that it was a true story. I had never even heard of the movie or the movement started by Jamie Tworowski in 2006 called “To Write Love On Her Arms“. This is an American None Profit Organisation which tries to give hope to those struggling with mental illness and thoughts of suicide.

How It Portrays Bi-Polar Disorder: I was dumbfounded from the word go of this film! One of the opening lines really resounded with me:

“Once upon a time there was a girl, her mind painted the brightest day and the darkest night…. but her imagination turned on her and found her wherever she would hide…”

I don’t know about anyone of you who suffer or have friends/ family who suffer think- but to me that is an amazing summary- “the brightest days and the darkest nights”. It really is how bi-polar feels- your mood can go from feeling amazing to the feeling or drowning in despair. I struggled with drink and sex growing up, turns out this was all part of my hyper states- this film portrays that so well. She has a revolving door of men when she is high or drunk, it also depicts the impulse to self harm her arms and the way these behaviours can make you feel isolated and can cost you important relationships with friends. Like me she uses art and music as a release. I think a big part of my love for this film is because it was portrayed in a way I could really relate to.

Overall Rating: 5/5- baffled why there is no Rotten Tomato rating on this

Rating on bi-polar depiction: 5/5 At only 1hr 40mins long this film isn’t as long as most modern films- but it gets the point across so clearly and depicts different shades and struggles of bi-polar so well. Secrets really can hurt you. I highly recommend this film!


Please remember all comments and opinions are entirely my own, I strongly recommend always watching films or reading the books yourself to glean your own opinion. Feel free to share your thoughts.


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