Ignore the media?!

It isn’t always the case but, in my opinion the media focuses way to much on the negativity surrounding mental illness. Whenever a celebrity does something extreme they are diagnosed by the public as bi-polar, is it really the case? Not always. Over recent years more people in the spot light have come forward and announced that they have forms of mental illness- and a lot of them have not been thrown through the media for doing something extreme, they announce it to make a point- anyone can be effected!

I was particularly rattled when I read posts regarding the UFC fighter Ronda Rousey at the start of 2016,¬†following her interview on the Ellen Show (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lu-O7k5-1fc). There were so many haters- there always is, but for some reason some of the comments this time round really made me angry! If you have read her book, or followed her, you will see that Ronda Rousey has had some very hard times- she hasn’t had it easy and the evil and derogatory comments that were all over the media surrounding her interview were uneducated and in my opinion close minded. People who feel the need to belittle those that admit to times of struggle retract from those attempting to shine a light on mental health and the truth behind it.

All over the world there are initiatives being set up to educate on mental illness- think of “Mental Health Month” in May, and Bell media’s “Let’s Talk” campaign- to name just two! ¬†(For a few of the top campaigns from around the world click here).

There are some positives and I would like to use this forum to focus on the good and the helpful, without making things feel to clinical.

So should we ignore the media- yes and no! Try not to let all the negative press get you down, try and help promote the positive and educate!

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