Live how you want to Live!


Who says a mental health issue whether it be depression, bi-polar disorder or any other problem should limit the way you live or the way people see you or you see yourself?

Wake up and Live

Everyone has the right to live the life they want to live, and metal disorders should not define you or limit your horizons!

I love to travel- I dream of travelling! I love discovering new cultures and new experiences. I can’t go for very long without going somewhere, even if it’s just a case of driving a few hours to camp with a friend. A friend I lived with in the UK before I emigrated and I have a new tradition, that came about when I emigrated- we meet in different airports in the world and travel together. Since leaving the UK we have met in New Zealand, California, Iceland, Canada, and of course back in the UK. We are currently looking at our options for 2017- perhaps a Costa Rica canopy tour or a West to East US road trip- who knows?!

I love adrenaline activities- cars, bungee, rafting, zip lining, roller coasters etc. Sure some of my medication doesn’t agree with me when my body is suddenly rushed with a spike of adrenaline but it’s just a side effect, it passes! I could not stop seeking out adrenaline just because I get nauseous – the buzz that I feel for hours/ days/ weeks/ months after an activity and the memories it gives me are worth the temporary side effect!

If I can do it- so can you!! Do what I did- take your age and add ten years! And create a bucket list for that period- for example I have a “35 before 35” list and I recently created another which is “40 before 40”. By only giving myself a time frame rather than having a generic “before I die” bucket list it empowers me to strive harder for the things I dream of!! Do it!! I would love to hear some items on your lists- it can be anything from read a specific book (I am determined to read Catch 22), take a cooking lesson (I did French Farmhouse cooking), to travelling to the country you have always dreamed of!

Carpe Diem!!


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