Medication- Is it for me?


The first day I went to the Doctor in 2010 I was immediately put on anti-depressants and sleeping pills. I was barely functioning for the first few months- I lost around 2 stone in weight apparently, and barely touched food.

Since then I have taken a lot of different anti- depressants;

The above are those that I remember, over the years I have been on a number of others that proved to have negative side effects or no response at all.

Along with those came the sleeping/ anxiety pills:

When I was diagnosed bi-polar officially in 2012 and that brought with it the additions of mood stabilisers and anti-psychotics:

My main issues are that either they don’t have the desired effect or I get too many reactions or I get to a point where I plateau on a medication and get so used to it I start to ride the roller coaster again.

I came off all medication at one point- right before i emigrated. I was sick of the side effects and feeling like a was rattling like a pill bottle all the time. Within a 9 month period I realised this had not been a good idea- and this time, without prompting I sought medical help.

I would love to be medication free- but I have finally come to a place in my mind where I realise this isn’t necessarily going to happen. So, for me medication is helping. It is still a balancing act and the cocktails change all the time to correspond to my response to them, but I am better than I was.

I would love to hear from people on their experiences on different medications- what has and hasn’t worked, how it made them feel etc. Or if you are someone who has a relative/ friend/ partner suffering from a mental disorder- what you have noticed/ what your experiences are with being around someone who is medicated.

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