The dark days

Anyone who suffers from bi-polar / depression/ anxiety or similar, know that there are dark days. Those hard to deal with days when you don’t want to eat, you may not be able to sleep or can’t do anything but sleep, you don’t want to talk to anyone- however those dark days appear to you there is no sugar coating them- they are hell!

I see all the time in articles or social media people saying that people should “just suck it up” and “deal with it”. For those of you who have those days, moments, months- you all know it’s not that simple. They creep up on you and blind sight you. It feel’s like no one understands.

If you have those moments feel free to share on here, my aim with this blog is for people to be heard and talk. Not just about the lows- also the hyper states, the confusion that surrounds them.


For example: As well as the hyper drinking and extrovert behaviour I have done other things in a hyper state- my husband wasn’t so impressed when in a hyper frenzy I rescued another cat (my third) and brought him home with the words “Surprise”, or last month when I came home with two new tattoos because I was in a hyper state and just decided to get them done without thinking it through or mentioning it to him. Spending is another one people don’t always realise is part of a hyper state- I go through stages of obsessing over things I “need” to buy for one reason or another- some items are a genuine need, though normally not as urgent as I feel they are when I am in these states. Others are completely random and can have no requirement at all.

Whatever format a person’s “dark days” comes in, it can be hard for the individual as well as the people around them. It can seem irrational and frustrating to those who don’t understand, but I, like lots of people out there, do understand. You aren’t alone!